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Photography + Videography tells the story of your business and people are more likely to feel connected to you and your service or product with relevant, personalized images + footage. You know it's so important to showcase your brand messaging through relatable content. Traditional, boring "headshots" aren't going to cut it with your customers. They want to learn about YOU! Get to know the real YOU! YOU are your brand and YOU need to show your ideal client who YOU are! 

That's where we come in! ;) 

whether your biz is booming or you are brand new...brand photography + video is for you.

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small biz owner

I've had the opportunity to work with Jennifer several times. She is very organized and pays close attention to detail. Always a pleasure to plan anything with her. She did an amazing job on my headshots. Her and Mike are a great team!


Jenn & Mike are a great team

We get it!

You want to showcase your personality in your content

You know images + video sell in all aspects of marketing!

You don't have relatable content to connect to clients

You know a personal brand needs to be... personal.

You know iPhone photos aren't going to be as powerful

is this you...

We're ready to tell your story

are you ready to level up your business?

Customized coverage depending on your needs

US! Choose photo, video, or both!

A planning call to strategize your session needs

A collaborative pinterest board for inspiration 

Fun, personable but professional photos of you to attract your ideal client

Images showing your products or you in action!

Different video options for your website/socials

Full gallery of images that SELL 

...and more!

Investment starts at $900. Please inquire for more information!

what you get:

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We'll have an amazing branding  session where you will get a variety of images to boost your social presence and get more inquiries!

Once your contract and retainer is received, we'll start your planning board that we will all have access to adding inspiration to. We'll also discuss location & outfits :)

We’ll set up a time to chat so we can learn all about you and what your vision and goals are for your branding session.

ready to do this?
here's what to expect.

it's time to

Business will start
booming and we'll be here cheering you on!

level up!


Do you edit your photos and videos? 

Yes, both we both edit everything ourselves to ensure our high-quality standards are met. Jenn hand edits every single photo, and Mike crafts our branding films from scratch, including choosing the music, figuring out the storyline, construction and color grading. Some companies will outsource their editing, and while there is nothing wrong with that, we prefer to do everything in-house. While it may take a little more time to receive your photos and video, we want you to know your memories are safe with us and handled with care, accuracy and much love. I think it's safe to say people hire us not only for our work, but because of the personal experience they get from us from beginning to end, and that includes your final product. 

Do you service same sex business owners?

Yes, of course! We work with passionate business owners. If that is you, we happily serve you regardless of your orientation, sex, race, etc. You are safe here!

Do you offer albums, prints and other marketing materials?

Yes! I work with a professional lab that caters to only photographers and is linked up directly to your online gallery! They don't color correct so your images come out stunning, unlike some of the big box print shops. Those tend to come out yellowy and blotchy regardless of how well colored the image is. So I DO recommend going through a lab for business marketing and advertising. My lab does prints of all sizes, canvas wraps, albums, even notecards cards and stationery..... and so much more! If you’re wanting these products, let’s chat!

Do I get to pick the music for the film?

Music licensing is super expensive. Because of this, we will select the music for your branding film. We love to get to know you and your brand so that we can do our best to choose music that fits your brand best. In the process of preparing for your branding film, we will ask you for your music preferences and dislikes, we will use this information to pick music for your film. One advantage we have is Mike has a BA in Music and even composes music in his free time (what little of it he has lol!), so his knowledge for music really puts us at an advantage when finding the perfect song for your film! It won’t be a Taylor Swift song, (unless you’re up for paying the million dollar licensing fee!) but we have a wide variety of songs we can license at affordable rates (that is included in your collection) that are similar in nature to T-Swift or any of your other well-known favorite bands and musicians!

Can we do our session in my home or office?

Of course! Having genuine and authentic content for your brand is important and having your session in your own home or studio can be a wonderful spot for the more authentic content! But this only works if your home or office is fits the overall goal for your images and video. Let's be honest, not every home or office is "Pinterest-worthy," I know mine isn't! My house and office are both dark, full of dog hair no matter how often we vacuum, (and a bit messy on a typical day - if we're being honest!) My home and office don't represent what I want my brand to look like. If you are looking for high-end branding content and your home or office isn't high-end looking, I recommend renting a studio, home or some kind of neutral space to ensure your images are free of clutter and distractions. There are many options throughout Central Florida that we can look into to find one that fits the aesthetic needed for your session.

Do you provide RAW images or footage?

We will never under any circumstance deliver RAW photos. Our style of editing is the reason people choose us, so we won't even release unedited images since it is not a representation of our work and brand. RAW images are unable to be purchased. It's the same reason you go to a restaurant for dinner.... you want the prepared meal because that's what they're known for! You don't ask them to bring the ingredients out so you can cook your own meal, right? 

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